Greatest Hits (1983-2007)

Track 1: Wonder Wheels


As a child i was never afraid of water..i learned swimming when i was in 4th grade. But back then i was always afraid of bicycles. I always felt it was a wonder.. how cld man balance on just two wheels. I was so afraid of falling down and getting hurt that i dint even bothered to learn it. But as yrs passed, i realized that food, water, shelter are not the only basic needs..and gravity for one is going to stay till infinity. I had to learn this art. Timing cldnt be boost my confidence movie “Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar” came..i was full charged up and was all set to be next Sanju.
I told my bro i need to learn bicycle..i sat on his cycle with JJWS climax scene in my mind. One-two-three..and then thks to gravity i was dwn on ground. I was hurt badly..on that day i sweared i m never going to sit on it again.
Finally I mastered the art at age of 14 🙂 but i need to mention i learned it on my own bcoz my bro was all embarrassed to hold seat of 8th grader and run behind him.

Track 2: PASSED
Academically i was never great. During final yr of BCS i was all tensed up..prev batch result was only 29%..which was all time low. After already losing one yr i was really determined in beginning..Later it was limited to getting 1st class and after exam it was just to get through. I still remember after SE(System Engineering) paper i said to my bro “Its going to be a five yr plan”. In that negativity i even missed our Goa trip..which i regret a lot now.
Then came D day..i admit i was really tensed..feeling all pressure. wht if i dnt pass? whr do i go frm here? hw cld i face dad?…But then the list had my number on was something unbelievable. I came home told mom..but still i was nt ready to believe it. So i went back to college and circled my seat no. Next day got mark sheet which said “PASSED: Higher Second Class”. Got 58% but i was satisfied with that.

Track 3: Climbing Everest

One fine day Kiran realized he is gaining weight and he needs to test his stamina. So conveniently in front of Suman he said “Lets go for hiking”. Nw all bcoz of kiran we all had to climb 800 metres high hill: “Sinhagad”. At start i was pretty ok with it..bhajis hav always tempted me. So we started walking at sharp 7 am. After an half hr i gave up and sat dwn at one of the tapri. Thgt having nimbu-pani will refresh me..with that tght i gave business to all the tapriwalas along our path. I kept cursing myself aftr every 5 mins..”Why the hell did i said yes?”, “Why were forts built on hills? wldnt it be more easy to control city if forts were built on flat land? “.
To make things worst hill-top was all covered by clouds..i had no idea hw much more do i need to walk. Suddenly i saw a big garbage deposit..aaaaaaaha. i knew we have reached our destination. View frm above was satisfying..i had climbed my Everest. Shelar had once again conquered the fort and this time without losing lion.

P.S: It took us 3 hrs to climb 800 meters